Aug 24, 2006

Prize Awarded to Chinese Students for Wastewater Treatment

Three high school students from China received the Stockholm Junior Water Prize for coming up with a cost-effective ecological management program that is designed to reduce river pollution.

The prize was presented by Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, and is worth $5,000 in U.S. currency. The recipients of the award were Wang Hao, Xiao Yi and Weng Jie, all from the Shanghai Nanyang Model High School.

According to China View, the students began researching wastewater treatment in 2004. The research consisted of studies on waterways in Shanghai that were managed with leading treatment technology.

Last year, the three teens successfully reduced pollution of a river that is near their school and were able to make the polluted river clear again.

The students plan to continue improving their program, even though they have already received the award.

The second prize went to students from Sri Lanaka, while third prize went to Japanese students.

The Junior prize was created in 1994 and soon became an international competition as part of the World Water Week. Students must be younger than 20 to enter.