Pressure Booster System Designed for Commercial, Municipal Locations

The system arrives fully assembled, wired & tested

The IntelliBoost variable speed constant pressure booster system is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs and complexity of today’s water systems. The system is tailored to freshwater applications in high rises, office buildings, hospitals, hotels and other commercial, industrial and municipal locations.

This system offers a combination of the Pentair variable frequency drive for each pump, and a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a proportional integral derivative (PID) loop to stage up to four pumps based on pressure and flow needs of the building. Pumps are the Pentair PVM multistage and end suction pumps.

Each system is fully assembled, wired and tested for ease of installation providing reliable service and meeting all specification requirements out of the box.

IntelliBoost is Ethernet compatible, with the ability to connect to a network. Users can connect their system and take advantage of the IntelliBoost embedded Web page, which is smartphone compatible. Users can also view system status and alarms wherever Wi-Fi is available.

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