May 07, 2009

PPI Publishes "A Greener Infrastructure" Brochure

Digital and print editions now available

The Plastics Pipe Institute's (PPI) new brochure, "A Greener Infrastructure," is now available in both digital and print editions.Information contained in the document includes details of the favorable environmental aspects of pipe made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE); how it can build a long-life system; and why it is a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice for the nation's infrastructure."Our staff and members have been working on this initiative to increase awareness to the industry and local communities," said Tony Radoszewski, executive director of PPI, a Dallas-based nonprofit advocacy. "We talk about the problem of an aging underground infrastructure and offer solutions to the vast amount of loss in water and money that the nation's broken pipelines are costing every American, each and every day. We know the challenge is to balance economics, growth and the protection of the environment, and we believe HDPE pipe fits that need."The brochure is available at or by contacting PPI at 469.499.1044 or by e-mail at [email protected].