Worcester Completes Pipe Condition Assessment

The project assessed the condition of 3.3 miles of the city's ferrous mains

Echologics ePULSE Worcester pipe condition assessment

The city of Worcester, Mass. Department of Public Works and Parks, Water Operations recently assessed the condition of select water distribution and transmission mains using ePULSE, Echologics' acoustic pipe condition assessment solution.

Echologics, an affiliate of Mueller Co., is a developer and provider of acoustic-based technologies for water loss management, leak detection and pipe condition assessment. It is part of the Mueller Water Products Inc. group of companies.

Echologics assessed the condition of several large diameter water transmission mains and also provided leak detection and other services to help the city improve the prioritization and selection of pipe segments targeted for rehabilitation.

The project, which started in early February 2014 and was completed in late March, assessed the condition of 3.3 miles of the city's ferrous (cast iron) mains using ePULSE.

ePULSE is a non-invasive pipe condition assessment solution that provides municipalities with a measurement of the remaining (minimum) average wall thickness of selected pipe segments and can also simultaneously identify leaks. Municipalities can use this information to mitigate risks associated with deteriorating pipe walls, reduce non-revenue water and prioritize repairs and replacement.

The city was particularly concerned with determining the remaining service life of its Olean-Chandler Street low-pressure transmission mains due to their age, position as a critical supply line to the city, and proximity to a 2012 catastrophic main break. This portion of the project included testing more than 90 segments of water mains, ranging from 24 to 48 in. in diameter. Leak detection was also conducted on 6.7 miles of 30, 36 and 40-in. metallic mains using EchoWave technology.

"We are pleased that we were able to help Worcester to better understand the remaining service life of its water infrastructure assets and identify sources of water loss," said Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager for Echologics. "Echologics' non-invasive pipe condition assessment solution is enabling the city to make data-driven decisions about needed repairs to improve the effectiveness of its capital spending."


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