Oct 22, 2006

In-Pipe Technology's Steve Tarallo to Present at WEFTEC.06 Poster Symposium

In-Pipe Technology's Steve Tarallo, director of applied technology, will present findings from a paper entitled "Biologically Engineered Biofilm Modifications for the Enhancement of Collection System Transformations and Impacts on BNR Wastewater Treatment." The paper is co-authored by Andrew Amis Randall, Ph.D., associate professor of the University of Central Florida, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, and Dan Williamson and J. Rodney Dickerson, P.E., of In-Pipe Technology Co.

The principal investigator, Andrew Randall, examined the effects of In-Pipe Technology on biological nutrient removal (BNR) by measuring resulting changes in the wastewater influent characteristics at a full-scale five-stage BardenphoTM BNR wastewater treatment plant. Randall's team at the University of Central Florida collected data for 1 year prior to implementation of the technology, 9 months during implementation, and 2 months following cessation of the technology.

The investigator reported a 41% increase in the average influent readily biodegradable chemical oxygen demand (RBCOD), a 148% increase in heterotrophic plate count (HPC), and a 50% reduction in influent Total Sulfides. Additional details regarding the findings will be reported at WEFTEC Session 46, Municipal Wastewater Treatment Processes: Nitrogen Removal on Tuesday, October 24.

"The scientific data collected by Dr. Randall and his team demonstrates the positive impact of In-Pipe Technology on wastewater treatment", said Dan Williamson, CEO of In-Pipe Technology. "Our technology reduces capital expenditures and helps address BNR challenges."