Concrete Pipes, Culverts Integral to Texas Transportation Infrastructure

State ranked highest for transportation infrastructure is also biggest user of concrete pipe and culvert systems

It should come as no surprise that the state that arguably uses more concrete pipe and box culverts in its road system than any other has the best overall transportation infrastructure in the nation.

According to a study by CNBC, which measured each state’s transportation system by the value of goods shipped by air, land and water, as well as the quality of roads and availability of air travel, Texas ranks No. 1 for overall transportation infrastructure.

“A viable transportation system supports our economy, and while Texas has fared better than the country and other states, we cannot afford to lose our competitive edge,” said Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Deputy Executive Director John Barton. “Texans expect the best from us, and we are proud to continue to deliver top quality transportation solutions as a best-in-class agency.  We look forward to working with our partners to solve the state’s most critical transportation challenges.”

“TxDOT officials do a lot of things right, and should be congratulated for this impressive distinction,” said Matt Childs, president of the American Concrete Pipe Assn.  “One of the things they’ve done best is specifying concrete pipe and culverts in many of their road construction projects and, just as importantly, ensuring Texas taxpayers get the highest return on their infrastructure dollars.” 

American Concrete Pipe Assn.

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