Pionetics and Elantec Launch World’s First LINX 120 Drinking Water System

Pionetics Corp. launched the LINX 120 Drinking Water System in conjunction with Elantec of Beijing, China. Elantec expects to sell 50,000 LINX systems in 2006 to the China market, with sales expected to triple that in 2007. Elantec currently maintains 20% of the water purification products market in China.
The LINX 120 system uses a new, patented technology and computerization that wastes 80% less water during the purification process and works very well under conditions of low water pressure (as low as 20 psi), which are typical throughout China. The LINX 120 also offers the world's first Dial-A-Taste technology, which allows consumers to regulate water taste. The innovative system does not require a storage tank, reducing installation time and costs, and offers easy maintenance with a computer interface that accesses water delivery volume and filter lifecycle information. The compact system can be installed in smaller spaces, as the solution uses one third less space than RO systems.
“Water is an expensive commodity in China, so we are very excited about being able to offer Chinese consumers a water purification system that uses only a tenth as much water during the purification process when compared with traditional reverse osmosis systems,” said Dan Wang, CEO of Elantec. “And given the water purity challenges present in a country that is rapidly industrializing, we believe that a highly efficient purification system like LINX will be very popular here.”
The LINX Drinking Water System is a breakthrough in water purification that promises better tasting water with lower costs and higher efficiency than ever before possible. Designed to replace bulky systems based on RO technology, the compact LINX delivers purer water in higher volume with less wasted water than any other product on the market, works well under low water pressure conditions, and is the only water purification system that allows users to adjust the taste of their purified water.
Unlike other methods that use harmful chemicals, LINX purifies water using only clean, efficient electricity and a proprietary ion exchange membrane to remove perchlorate, nitrites, nitrates, Arsenic III and V, potassium, lead, and other contaminants from water along with 90% of total dissolved solids.
“Pure, delicious drinking water becomes a scarcer commodity every day, particularly in developing countries like China,” said Mark Stephenson, vice president of business development at Pionetics. “The LINX system is the first product in decades to apply new scientific breakthroughs to solving this problem, and we are anxious to offer it to the Chinese market.”

Pionetics Corp.

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