Personal Watercraft Use on Nevada Lakes Outlined

The National Park Service and Blue Water Network reached an agreement that extends a personal watercraft ban on eight water bodies, including Lake Mead.
The watercraft, commonly called jet skis, that were to be banned beginning Saturday, may be used until Nov. 6, the end of the typical recreational boating season.
From Nov. 7 until Jan. 1, personal watercraft will be allowed on Lake Mohave from Cottonwood Cove to Davis Dam and on the Colorado River at Willow Beach, between marker buoys.
On Lake Mead, the craft may be used in Boulder Basin, Boulder Canyon, the Overton Arm between Black Ridge and Cathedral Cove and near Temple Bar between Burro Bay and Delmar Bay.
Personal watercraft will not be allowed below Hoover Dam to the marker buoy above Willow Beach, below Willow Beach to Eldorado Canyon, Bonnelli Bay, Gypsum Bay, from Iceberg Canyon to the Grand Canyon boundary and in the Overton Arm north of Black Ridge.
There is a 200-foot wakeless zone extending from all shorelines on the lake, Park Service spokeswoman Karla Norris said.
Until a final lake management plan is completed, personal watercraft use will be banned beginning Jan. 1.

Las Vegas Sun

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