Pentair Water-India Announces Accreditation by Hartford Steam Boiler International for CE Marking

Pentair Water-India, manufacturer of CodeLine brand membrane housings, has been recommended for the PED conformity certificate by independent third party inspector Hartford Steam Boiler International GmbH.

The PED certification is a European Community directive applied to products to establish a regulatory framework for pressure-related risks. Products that meet the requirements of the directive, particularly with regard to safety, and have submitted to a series of procedures for checking compliance with these requirements are required to bear the CE marking.

CE markinig is a different registration than a quality registration mark as the CE mark is not a quality mark but rather refers to the safety of a product and the conformance to European Community Standards. Another distinction is that CE marking is mandatory for the product to which it applies whereas most quality markings are voluntary.

The CE mqarking conformance certificate marks the third registration certificate received by Pentair Water-India who also holds ASME, Section X and ISO 9001: 2002 certifications. Pentair Water-India is a sister plant to the facility located in Chardon, Ohio. The addition of CE marking adds to the ability of CodeLine to maintain the capacity necessary to supply the global market.

Pentair Water Treatment

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