Pentair Introduces Pre-Assembled Racks, Vessels and Piping for Water Treatment Systems

The Industrial/Municipal division of Pentair Water Treatment has added a pre-piped Rack Assembly to its CodeLine product mix. Used in large-scale water treatment systems for both brackish and salt water, the pre-assembled CodeLine racks, vessels and piping arrive in one easy-to-install unit, guaranteeing proper fit-up.
According to Jim Stephens, the division’s Business Director, customers will benefit from both time and money savings with the new CodeLine Rack Assembly. "When we created this new CodeLine Rack Assembly, our goal was to reduce both design and construction time for large scale water treatment systems, and we’ve succeeded. Our integrated manifold assembly speeds installation and ensures proper fit-up. This streamlines operations, saving time, labor and cost," said Stephens. "In addition, our standardized materials and manufacturing offer our customers the highest possible quality," he said.
The CodeLine Rack Assembly holds 12 housings. Rated at anywhere from 150 to 1200 psi, the pre-piped units are configured for port to port, or header assembly. Housing lengths can consist of 6 or 7 elements, and run up to 40 inches. The Rack material is ASTM A36 carbon steel. The surface has been sandblasted to SSPC-SP-10, with a two-coat urethane system to SSPC-PA-1. Piping material is 304SS, 316SS, or AL-6XN. The CodeLine Rack Assembly meets UBC (seismic and windage), ASTM, and ASME B31.3 design codes.


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