Feb 01, 2007

Pennsylvania Township Receives $2.1 Million For Wastewater Treatment

Coolbaugh Township, Pa., has received over $2 million in state funding in order to help upgrade the area’s wastewater treatment plant.

State Senator Robert Mellow reported to the Pocono Record that $1.981 million of the money will come from a state grant, and $172,964 will come from a low-interest loan.

Officials reported that the Coolbaugh treatment plant has reached its state-mandated capacity of 52,000 gallons per day and is badly in need of repairs.

The state money will first go towards improving the filtration system at the treatment plant. Once this step has been finished, Coolbaugh would like to get approval from the state Department of Environmental Protection to double its daily discharge at the plant to 104,000 gallons per day.

Until the township gains approval, Rep. Mario Scavello, R-176, reported that Coolbaugh will explore alternatives to stream discharge of treated effluent.

The Pocono Record noted that the state funding will cover most of the $2.872 million cost to upgrade the treatment plant, but Coolbaugh supervisors will need to find other funding sources to cover the remaining $718,000.

Senator Mellow hopes that the improved treatment plant could attract businesses to Pocono Mountains Corporate Center-West and Arcadia North Business Park, two industrial parks off routes 611 and 940 in Coolbaugh Township.