Pennsylvania PUC Marks National Drinking Water Week

Marking National Drinking Water Week, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) unveiled a new consumer-education effort to inform consumers about the importance of water issues such as: the value of water service; how water is brought from the source to the tap; conservation tips; infrastructure improvements; and assistance available for low-income ratepayers.
The event in the Atrium of the Commonwealth Keystone Building also featured comments by Chairman Wendell F. Holland and Commissioner Kim Pizzingrilli; a presentation of a House Resolution for drinking water week by Rep. Carole Rubley (R-Chester/Montgomery); water-related demonstrations by water companies; and a portrayal of one of this country's founding fathers, Ben Franklin, who wrote some profound words about water -- "When the well is dry, we know the worth of water."
Also attending the event were fourth-grade students from the Saint Vincent School in Honesdale, Wayne County, and the Sacred Heart School in Havertown, Delaware County.
"National Drinking Water Week keeps with the PUC's focus on rates and reliability, so the Commission can protect the public interest and increase economic development," said Chairman Holland. "It is a public-private partnership among the Commission, water companies, other government agencies and water-related public interest associations. Together, we want to educate the public about how water service is regulated to provide safe, reliable drinking water at a reasonable price. We always need water. And we all need water.
"That is why we are marking National Drinking Water Week. And why the Commission is launching a new consumer-education effort to inform Pennsylvanians about water. We are also encouraging water utilities to establish special programs to help low-income ratepayers pay their water bill. It is important for consumers to contact their water company to learn about the programs available."
PUC Commissioner Pizzingrilli said, "Every fall, our Commission tells Pennsylvanians to 'Prepare Now' for winter, by giving consumers energy conservation tips. Today, we're asking you to 'Prepare Now for Summer' by conserving water whenever you can. In the summer, we tend to use more water. So here are a few tips to conserve over the coming months:
-- If you need to water your lawn, do so during the coolest part of the day, early morning or evening. Avoid watering on windy days and position the sprinkler to watering only the lawn or garden and avoid paved areas;
-- Use a soapy bucket of water to wash the car and rinse with a hose fitted with an automatic shut-off;
-- Use a broom to sweep clean pavements and driveways instead of hosing them clean;
-- Check your home plumbing for leaks and fix them promptly to help save water and money;
-- Take a shorter shower using a low-flow showerhead instead of taking a bath;
-- Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving;
-- Use dishwashers and washing machines only with a full load; and
-- Install water-efficient appliances in your home."

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

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