PAX Water Technologies Launches Mixer for Small Storage Tanks

Vortex mixer utilizes self-install design to provide cost & labor savings for customers

PAX Water Mixer PWM100

PAX Water Technologies announced the launch of the PAX Water Mixer (PWM100) for small water storage tanks. The mixer features a self-install design, allowing the unit to be lowered through the tank hatch, and a vortex flow pattern that is three times more powerful than sheet flow mixers. The mixer can be used to eliminate thermal stratification, reduce residual loss, lower disinfection byproducts and prevent ice formation.

“The PWM100 builds upon the success of the PAX Water Mixer product family and demonstrates our commitment to providing the right mixing solution for every tank,” said Dr. Peter S. Fiske, CEO of PAX Water Technologies. “We recognize that utilities with small tanks are a large, yet underserved, market for tank mixing with a constrained budget for water quality improvements. Now, there is an affordable mixing solution for operators with small tanks that doesn’t compromise mixing power.”

Drawing on the design of the flagship PAX Water Mixer, which features a Lily impeller, the PWM100 uses a biomimetic nozzle that enables a similar vortex flow pattern inside storage tanks. This new design is able to self-right on the floor of the tank, even on a sloped surface, and has the advantages of being compact and easy to install and retrieve. The mixer is made of 316 stainless steel, is NSF/ANSI 61 certified and comes with a three-year warranty.

PAX Water Technologies

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