Nov 05, 2009

Pall Scientists Selected to Present Papers at IDA World Conference

Papers focus on water desalination and reuse

Senior scientists from Pall Corp., a provider of filtration, separation and purification, will present three papers at the Intl. Desalination Assn. (IDA) World Congress 2009, which takes place in Dubai, UAE, from Nov. 7 to 12, 2009, at the Atlantis Resort on the Palm.

The papers will focus on water desalination and reuse, both of which are important to areas where conventional water sources like groundwater and surface water are scarce.

Tony Wachinski, Ph.D., senior vice president of Pall Water Processing, will present two papers. The first, “Detailed Analysis of the Silt Density Index (SDI) Results on Desalination and Wastewater Reuse Applications for Reverse Osmosis Technology Evaluation,” summarizes the analysis of SDI test results of five wastewater and desalination applications. These tests were conducted around the world using the same type 0.1-micron hollow fiber microfilter as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

The second paper Wachinski will present is titled, “Upgrading Wastewater Facilities with Membrane Microfiltration: a Post-Installation Challenge Test,” and was authored by Joseph Habib, senior project manager of Pall Water Processing. This paper presents a study conducted to challenge and verify the capability of the membrane system at the Hobart wastewater treatment plant in the New York City watershed to handle peak flows during a simulated failure of the upstream pre-filtration system.

Jan Bultiauw, applications manager for water systems, will present “Integrated Water Systems for Multipurpose Water Production.” This paper describes integrated compact membrane systems for the production of water from any source.

"The absolute removal rating of hollow fiber membranes offers a level of protection to RO systems that cannot be matched by conventional media filters,” Wachinski said. “In addition, Pall’s proven membranes offer reliability and economics that are unsurpassed in a simple one-step process. This reliability has been shown on variable raw seawater in cold water conditions, in ports and shipping channels, and during periods of 'red tide.’”

The 2009 World Congress will address environmental and energy impacts of desalination as part of the organization’s mission to make desalination and water reuse sustainable and affordable. The conference is expected to attract 1,800 delegates from more than 80 countries.