Ecosphere Announces Global Licensing Opportunities for Water Treatment Technology

The technology can be licensed in every major country and region around the world for all non-energy related applications

Ecosphere Global Licensing Opportunities

Ecosphere Technologies Inc. announced a list of available industries and applications where its patented Ozonix technology can be licensed to replace harmful liquid chemicals in water treatment operations around the world.

"Following the successful rollout of our patented Ozonix technology in the oil and gas industry, the Company is aggressively moving forward to bring Ozonix to every industry where chemicals (e.g. chlorine) are currently being used to disinfect water," stated George Chapas, director of new business development for Ecosphere. "We are constantly in discussions with strategic partners from around the world to license Ozonix for many of the various applications including but not limited to agriculture, food and beverage, industrial, mining, marine and municipal sewage water treatment."

Ecosphere's patented Ozonix technology can be licensed in every major country and region around the world for all non-energy related applications including but not limited to: grain growing and processing; landscape irrigation and runoff; sludge processing; surface water treatment; soil and groundwater remediation; storm and drainage water treatment; aquaculture and fish farming; breweries; drinking water; vineyards; dairy, butter and cheese processing; livestock farms and feedlots; fruit and vegetable production; sugar production; automotive; pharmaceutical; biotechnology; pulp and paper; leisure and water parks; textiles; manufacturing; microelectronics; material waste management; acid mine drainage; mining process water treatment; metals and minerals; tailing ponds; leaching and recovery; aquariums; ballast wastewater treatment; marine process water; on-board grey water and municipal sewage wastewater treatment.

"From an intellectual property standpoint, Ecosphere holds a dominant position in combining multiple advanced oxidation technologies to treat bacteria in the many industries where carcinogenic chemicals are currently being used to eliminate bacteria," stated Dean Becker, director of Ecosphere and CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage and ICAP Ocean Tomo Auctions. "With five U.S. patents approved and dozens of U.S. and International patents pending, Ecosphere is well-positioned to strategically partner with companies that have the financial resources and geographic reach to successfully introduce the proven Ozonix technology to their respective customers and markets."

Ecosphere Technologies

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