Ozone Solutions Appoints System Assembly Technician

Ozone hired Chad Whittington to increase manufacturing capacity & shorten lead times for ozone generation products

Ozone Solutions announced the appointment of Chad Whittington as a System Assembly Technician. The new hire will help Ozone Solutions to improve its manufacturing capabilities by refining production efficiency and shortening product turnaround times.

“The demand for ozone generators, ozone detection systems, and turnkey ozone purification systems continues to rise, which is good news for us,” said Scott Postma, CEO and general manager of Ozone Solutions. “We have had to expand our manufacturing capacity to meet increased demand and were fortunate to be able to add Chad to our team. His experience in water treatment will help us streamline production and increase our production capacity to keep up with growing customer demand.”

Whittington’s appointment is part of a larger effort to expand Ozone Solutions’ manufacturing capability to keep up with the growing demand for ozone solutions in food processing, water purification and other applications. Whittington brings extensive experience to the company and is a veteran in the water treatment industry. In his new role as system assembly technician, Whittington will use his expertise to make improvements in quality control and increase throughput for the company’s manufacturing processes.

Ozone Solutions

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