Dec 28, 2000

Osmonics Reorganizes and Forms Household Water Treatment Unit

Osmonics has reorganized its business into three new
segments, one of which is the Osmonics Household Water Treatment Global Business
Unit. The Household Water Treatment unit was formed to focus solely on the
residential and light commercial water treatment reseller. This new team will
provide a more streamlined sales and support structure for household water
treatment OEMs and dealers.
Led by General Manager Mike Fabich, Osmonics Household
Water Treatment will continue to provide products such as Autotrol® residential
control valves and Desal® home reverse osmosis (HRO) products, as well as new
products such as the Performa™ high-performance control valves and Performa
high-production HRO membrane elements.
"In the future, product offerings will expand to include
a complete line of residential water treatment components available to
resellers, namely residential control valves, HRO membrane elements and standard
filters," Fabich said. "We are committed to serving our customers and will
feature all of the technology and expertise that Osmonics has stood for in the
past, but now with new focus on our residential and light commercial resellers."
(Source: Osmonics)