Oregon Work Group Studies Urban Wastewater Reuse

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has convened a 13-member statewide work group to discuss opportunities and barriers to reusing wastewater in urban areas, Bend.com reported.

The "Wastewater Reuse Urban Task Force" will focus on encouraging beneficial wastewater reuse.

Senate Bill 820, which was passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2003, directed DEQ to look into opportunities and barriers to wastewater reuse in urban areas and report back its findings to the Legislature by the end of this year, Bend.com reported.

Comprising the task force are members of state and city natural resource and public health agencies, industry and civil engineering representatives, and State Rep. Jackie Dingfelder (D-District 45, Multnomah County). Russell Harding, DEQ wastewater reuse coordinator, will coordinate the task force and its report. Current task force members, whose direct affiliations are listed below, represent a wide variety of water quality stakeholders from throughout the state.

Wastewater Reuse Urban Task Force
Gregory Acker, City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development
Jim Craven, American Electronics Association, Lake Oswego
Rep. Jackie Dingfelder, (D.-Dist. 45), Portland
Bob Eimstad, Carollo Engineers, Portland
Cynthia Gaines, Environmental Toxicology, Oregon Department of Human Services, Portland
Jim Hill, City of Medford Public Works Department
John Ledger, Associated Oregon Industries, Salem
Rosemary Menard, City of Portland Water Bureau
Tom Paul, Oregon Water Resources Department, Salem
Susie Smith, Public Works/Environmental Services, City of Springfield
Robert Sweeney, Environmental Management Systems, Milwaukie
Terry Swisher, Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services, Salem
Mark Yeager, City of Albany


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