Apr 28, 2009

Open Systems Intl. Selects ISaGRAF 5 For Remote Telemetry Unit

Automation Control Platform option provides intuitive application development environment

ISaGRAF – A Rockwell Automation Co., and an automation software technology partner, announced recently that Open Systems Intl., Inc. (OSI) has selected ISaGRAF v5 for the new Automation Control Platform (ACP) option on their OSI Remote Information System (OSIRIS) Secure RTU.

OSIRIS is a remote information and metering unit with built-in security features for secure communications for critical utility operations over serial or IP-based connections. This makes it ideal for the communications, oil and gas, electric power and water industries.

Powered by ISaGRAF v5, the new ACP option provides OSIRIS users with full IEC61131-compliant programmable logic functionality and an intuitive application development environment.