Omniflo Process Chosen for Oklahoma Wastewater Facility Upgrade

The city of Ardmore, Okla., recently selected the USFilter Omniflo Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) process to be included in the upgrade of its wastewater treatment facility.
The approximately $1.5-million dollar project will improve the water quality in both the Sand and Caddo creeks, and ultimately the Washita River. The wastewater plant is designed to treat 6.0 million gallons of wastewater per day.
According to the project engineer, Tom Mansur, P.E. with the engineering firm, The Benham Co., "The USFilter SBR system offers the necessary treatment flexibility, efficiency and adaptability at a cost effective price.
The process will enable the city to meet new discharge limits in a configuration that will be readily expandable in the future. The old RBC treatment process it displaces is unable to meet new limits and was increasingly expensive to maintain."
The process, designed by USFilter Jet Tech Products, will provide the city with a low maintenance system that treats wastewater to a very high effluent. The small footprint, effluent quality and expandability of the SBR, offers the city an economical approach to nutrient removal.
The Omniflo SBR process is a fill and draw, non-steady state activated sludge process in which one or more reactor basins are filled with wastewater during a discrete time period and then operated in a batch treatment mode. The SBR accomplishes equalization, aeration and clarification in a timed sequence in a single reactor basin.
USFilter's partners on this project were sales representatives with Haynes Equipment of Oklahoma City, the engineering firm, The Benham Company of Tulsa and the contractor, Wynn Construction Co., Inc., from Oklahoma City.
Start-up is scheduled for the Spring of 2006.


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