Florida Utilities Implement Biological Odor Control for Wastewater Collection

A dual technology system will help remove hydrogen sulfide and organic odors

Three separate municipal utilities in the state of Florida have selected BioAir Solutions—a provider of biological odor control for wastewater collection systems and treatment plants—to supply innovative new technologies to remove odors from existing treatment facilities.

The city of Atlantic Beach plans to install an EcoPure unit to treat hydrogen sulfide and organic odors from a dewatering building. The innovative unit is a dual technology system that combines the benefits of biotrickling filter technology with the polishing of its EcoSorb media.

Once installed, the unit will remove more than 99.9% of the hydrogen sulfide and more than 95% of the organic odors.

Orange County Utilities will also install a similar, yet smaller EcoPure unit at its Hunters Creek Pump Station in Orlando. The unit will draw odorous air from the pumping station and maintain a slight vacuum in headspace and gravity sewer upstream.

As a result, no fugitive odors will be released into nearby residential neighborhoods. The specified unit has a low profile, making it nearly invisible to the community while it removes more than 99.9% of the hydrogen sulfide in the airstream.

In Pinellas County, BioAir has installed a pair of EcoPure Mini units to control odors at two wastewater pumping stations located in Madera Beach. The two installations are on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico and located near high-end residences, where aesthetics, noise and of course odors are critical.

The units will be used to maintain a slight negative pressure in wet-well headspace to avoid any fugitive odors from being released into residential neighborhoods. The systems are designed to remove more than 99.9% of the hydrogen sulfide in the airstream and will reduce overall odors by more than 95%.

“We have had tremendous success in Florida with projects like these,” BioAir Solutions President Louis le Roux said. “Our technology is able to meet the very stringent odor control requirements demanded by municipal utilities and remove the extremely high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide often found around Florida.”

BioAir Solutions LLC

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