Apr 15, 2008

NSF Provides Documents Addressing Issues of Pharmaceuticals in Water

Press release was picked up and distributed to a readership of over 22.8 million

As part of NSF’s continued effort to protect and educate consumers about water quality issues, NSF recently developed two documents that address consumer concerns regarding the recent Associated Press report about pharmaceuticals in drinking water.

First, NSF created a single-page overview document to help educate consumers and offer guidance on this topic. This is available at www.nsf.org/consumer/newsroom/pdf/pharmaceuticals_water2.pdf.

Then, more recently, NSF issued a press release, to provide additional information on the issue, including the formation of an NSF Task Group. This press release is available at www.nsf.org/business/newsroom/press_releases/press_release.asp?p_id=159….

In just a few days following the release distribution, nearly 20 media outlets picked up the news, including Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Financial Content, AOL Money & Finance, Water Online, MorningStar, MarketWatch, PR Inside.com and StreetInsider, amounting to a readership of over 22.8 million.

NSF’s Consumer Affairs Office is in place to respond to consumer inquiries about issues relating to water, food and the environment. This office can be accessed via its toll-free number, 1-877-8-NSF-HELP, via email at [email protected] or online at www.nsf.org/consumer.