WWD Weekly eNews - Nov 20th, 2023
EPA loans $45M to Nebraska county; Office of Environmental Justice enforcement report
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November 20, 2023
Blowers for wastewater treatment and aeration are a critical part of the process at treatment plants. This 5 question survey will give us information on your attitudes toward blowers in the market and current challenges you face.
An overview of regulations, treatment & challenges surrounding PFAS in biosolids
On-site dewatering & waste treatment units reduce hauling & disposal fees
Experts from CDM Smith, Carollo Engineers and SCS Engineers engage in a discussion on PFAS in across the water sector. Whether drinking water, wastewater and stormwater, a holistic approach is needed to manage this contaminant of emerging concern.
Pyrolysis and gasification are useful tools for managing biosolids, and research from Brown and Caldwell shows it also holds promise for PFAS destruction.
Four Operations Challenge teams in the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association competed for Division 1 status at WEFTEC. This is their story.
Register for this free webinar to learn practical steps for collection systems inspection and rehabilitation for utility managers, operators and maintenance professionals, including an overview of available technologies. The event will be live Sept. 14, 2023 at 2 p.m. Eastern.
The U.S. EPA is providing a $45 million WIFIA loan to support the South Sarpy Wastewater System Project, which will provide centralized wastewater infrastructure for residences and businesses.
The Office of Environmental Justice has released its first report highlighting important cases from the last year, including investigations into communities’ wastewater management.
EGLE distributed funding to support wastewater treatment plant upgrades, biosolids disposal and contaminated soils removal.
Vermont is providing funding in American Rescue Plan Act awards to help businesses install or upgrade their wastewater pretreatment infrastructure.