Apr 12, 2007

New Water Additive in Oklahoma Might Endanger Fish and Dialysis Patients

Shawnee, Okla., will start to use a different additive in the city’s drinking water next month, which could pose serious problems for those that are on dialysis machines or own pet fish.

City Manager Jim Collard reported to The Shawnee Sun that most residents will only notice that the water might have a different taste.

Near the middle or end of May, the city plans to use chloramines as a part of a pilot program. Before resigning two months ago, utility director Afsaneh Jabbar distributed a memo explaining that tap water treated with chloromines could create a problem when the substance is used in artificial kidney machines.

The memo also explained that owners of tropical or other aquarium fish should be aware that tap water should not be used in aquaria without proper treatment and aging.