New Sprinkler System Senses When to Water

Digital Sun Inc., a developer of wireless sensor products, has launched a new water conservation product for residential and commercial sprinkler systems – S.Sense Water-Saving Wireless Sensors. This new product is designed to provide low cost, sensor-based control to conserve water while maintaining beautiful landscapes.

S.Sense™ enhances existing "blind" timer-base automatic sprinkler systems with the intelligent ability to "see" when water is needed. This reduces the amount of wasted water, keeps sprinklers off when it is raining, reduces water pollution from runoff and simplifies landscape maintenance.

Water conservation is a critical issue in the regions of the country experiencing sporadic drought conditions, increasing demand and higher costs. Existing sprinkler control systems waste tremendous amounts of water because they run whether or not water is needed. In sun-belt states, urban irrigation contributes 40 percent to 70 percent of the water demand.

The runoff from inefficient irrigation also is contributing to the pollution of waterways and oceans. Some cities have already instituted strict ordinances on sprinkler system installations to reduce this pollution.

The S.Sense system consists of a smart wireless soil-moisture sensor probe inserted into the ground and a small receiver that connects to any existing automatic sprinkler system controller. These battery-powered wireless units can be installed by anyone in just a few minutes. The S.Sense sensor probe continuously monitors the moisture in the soil and communicates wirelessly with the receiver to minimize the water used to keep landscapes healthy and green.

Complete S.Sense Starter Kits will be available this May for under $150.

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