New Solar Photovoltaic Project Targeted at Recycling Plant

The city council of Pacifica, Calif., has unveiled a solar photovoltaic project at the Calera Creek Water Recycling Plant. According to the Pacifica Tribune, city officials would like to see the solar panels help the city recoup expected increases in the cost of energy. This summer the cost of peak energy time is projected to go up more than 10 times for cities.

According to the Pacifica Tribune, 1800 solar panels will hit 300 kilowatts almost every day. The panels cost $3.1 million, but the City received a rebate of $1.4 million from PG&E.

Though the panels were a success, the digesters on the water recycling system are malfunctioning and emitting odors. Director of Public Works Scott Holmes told the Pacific Tribune that he is working on modifications on airflow in order to correct the problem.

Pacifica Tribune

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