New Jersey’s Top Experts Offer Guidance on Natural Resource Damage Liability

Chatham, N.J.-based environmental consultant BEM Systems, Inc. will host an interactive round-table seminar to discuss the expected impacts of New Jersey’s Natural Resource Damage (NRD) assessment program in Livingston, N.J., on July 31. The seminar is intended to help affected stakeholders understand the critical issues and begin to deal with their potential financial and legal liabilities.

Location: Westminster Hotel, 550 W. Mount Pleasant Ave. (at Rte 10W), Livingston, N.J.
When: Thursday, July 31, 2003, 8:30 - 11:00 AM (Registration and breakfast 8:00 — 8:30)
Cost: $50 (includes breakfast)

NRD laws, which empower regulators to assess payment or demand restitution for damage to resources such as groundwater, wetlands and wildlife, have been in force for many years. They have not been applied aggressively or systematically, however. The N.J. Department of Environmental Protection has declared its intention to enforce NRD laws vigorously in the near future, and there is speculation that other states including New York, New Mexico, California, Texas,and Oregon, may use New Jersey’s NRD program as a model.

The BEM Systems NRD Roundtable will assemble a group of the state’s most authoritative experts on the subject from the regulatory, environmental, legal, insurance and scientific communities to compare and debate their perspectives concerning a realistic NRD assessment scenario.

For further information, email [email protected], or call Marybeth Ryan at 908-598-2600, ext 179.

BEM Systems, Inc.

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