Jan 20, 2010

New High-Tech Industrial Park in China Investigates Water Reuse for New Plants

Black & Veatch provides services to study advanced water treatment options

Black & Veatch and Zhongying Precious Metal Co., Ltd., are investigating advanced technologies that would provide sustainable options for two new wastewater treatment plants. The plants will treat domestic and industrial waste at a new industrial park in the Lunggang District of Shenzhen, China. One treatment option under investigation would provide for potential water reuse applications.

The owners of the new industrial park, Zhongying Precious Metal Co., Ltd., want the plants to produce effluent that meets Chinese National Discharge Standard Class 1A. Meeting Class 1A requires additional treatment to reduce nutrients and suspended solids and is the standard required for wastewater being discharged into sensitive water bodies.

“Black & Veatch has a strong track record in advanced technologies and a long history of working in the China water industry,” said Xue Chu Liang, managing director of Zhongying Precious Metal Co., Ltd. “As we are going to build a world class and sustainable jewelry industrial park, it is important for us to use a company with international expertise that could help us determine the best sustainable solution.”

The industrial park will cover an area of 12 hectares and will centralize the design and production of precious metal jewelry. Housing these design and production activities in the park will help increase exports to international markets and also reduce pollution. The Shenzhen government has been actively supporting the development of high-tech industries in the area.

“Black & Veatch has worked on a number of advanced wastewater treatment plants around the world,” said Alan Man, vice president and managing director of North Asia Pacific. “Recycled water is increasingly being used as a solution to improve sustainability and overcome water scarcity issues.”