Dec 06, 2006

New Design for Rain Water Catch Could Solve Drinking Water Shortages

The UN has reported the results of a study done with the World Agroforestry Centre: In many countries, the shortage of clean water can be entirely resolved by the harvesting of rain water. In some countries, this could supply six or seven times the current need, and provide security against future droughts.
The report urges governments and donors to invest more widely in technology that is low cost, simple to deploy and maintain, and able to transform the lives of households, communities and countries Africa-wide. According to the report, “The water crisis in Africa is more of an economic problem from lack of investment, and not a matter of physical scarcity. In other words, simply harvesting rain water could provide enough clean water to solve the water shortage in many countries.
Friends of Water, a web business, has located a low-tech, low-cost, lightweight and collapsible design for a rain water catch that is extremely simple to deploy and requires no maintenance but cleaning. The prototype is from a company that has designed and sold thousands of products using similar and proven design principals and the same durable materials to create collapsible greenhouses. The Rain Water Catch is ready for production. With sufficient interest, manufacturing will begin to produce products from this design.
Tim Hickey, Friends of Water founder, said, “We are very excited to have found this solution to the problem of access to clean water. We hope to help solve this critical issue for many and look forward to hearing from anyone interested.”