Jul 09, 2010

New Coalescer Improves Separator’s Self-Cleaning Ability

Separator helps reduce oil discharged by industrial facilities

Highland Tank has released a new edition of its oil/water separator with a new self-cleaning design.

Highland separators, with Corella coalescer, aim to greatly reduce the level of oil and oily coated solids discharged by industrial facilities into municipal storm or sanitary sewer systems. The Corella inclined parallel plate coalescer is the newest addition to Highland Tank’s patented oil/water separator product line. It combines the features of both a flat plate coalescer and a corrugated plate coalescer into a new “self-cleaning” design that aims to perform better than traditional plate separators.

Highland Oil/Water Separators and the Advanced Filtration System (AFS) aims to help many shoreline maritime facilities with petroleum storage and transfer areas comply with the EPA’s discharge and spill regulations.

The addition of Highland’s AFS aims to greatly reduce the levels of dissolved hydrocarbons, solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and organically bound metals prior to discharge.