Jan 30, 2007

Navy Schedules 3-day Guam Water Outage

The Navy has scheduled a shutdown of its water treatment plant in Guam for three days starting at 8am of Feb. 2. Residents of Agat, Santa Rita, and Nimitz Hill will be affected by the shutdown.

The Navy's Water Reservoir Tanks will also be affected during the outage due to the lack of replenishment normally provided by the treatment plant. In order to lessen the impact of this outage, the Navy will request that residents follow strict water conservation guidelines starting February 1, and continue throughout the weekend. Navy housing residents have also been advised of potential water outages over the weekend that may result from low reservoir tank levels.

Water from the Navy's Water Reservoirs Tanks will continue to provide support to Guam's electrical plants at Cabras, Piti and Tanguisson, firefighting systems, and the Naval Hospital.

The Saipan Tribune reports that this scheduled outage is needed to facilitate Navy Water Treatment Plant upgrades, which will improve treatment processes, modernize process control instrumentation, and provide redundancy.