Dec 28, 2000

National Sorbents, Inc. Helps Clean Up 200 Million Gallon Kentucky Coal Mine Spill

National Sorbents, Inc. has begun shipping large amounts of product to assist in the clean up of a coal mine pond in Eastern Kentucky that gave way and released 200 million gallons of sludge into the Big Sandy River. This spill has led to fouled water supplies, washed out roads, and widespread damage to wildlife in the area.
National Sorbents, Inc.'s distributor — Enviropro — has been on site in Kentucky since the spill, working with officials and placing numerous orders for bundles of heavy duty booms to assist in the effort. Dan Jones, president of National Sorbents, Inc. states that the company "will be selling several hundred bundles of these booms per month, continuing for a period of 4-6 months, until the clean up is complete."
National Sorbents, Inc. is a leader in the sorbent industry. The company produces and markets sorbent products, formulated specifically to contain and clean up hazardous materials such as crude oil, fuels, chemicals, solvents, and other toxic substances.
SOURCE: National Sorbents, Inc.