National Environmental Services Center to Launch PSA Campaign for Small Wastewater System Management

Jeff Hoffman, president of The Hoffman Agency, a full-service marketing and communications firm based in Jacksonville, Fla., has announced that the National Environmental Services Center (NESC) has retained the agency to provide marketing and communications consulting. NESC, based in Morgantown, W.Va., is a nationally recognized authority in drinking water, wastewater, environmental training, solid waste, infrastructure security, and utility management and provides information to communities serving fewer than 10,000 individuals. The organization is a program within The National Research Center for Coal and Energy, located at West Virginia University.
According to Hoffman, his firm will assist NESC with marketing and creative direction, along with production of public service announcements (PSAs) about residential water quality and septic tank maintenance. The PSAs will be distributed to television stations in smaller markets nationwide. Hoffman will also provide creative consulting for NESC’s National Small Flows Clearinghouse, which helps America’s small communities, community leaders and individuals solve their wastewater problems to protect public health and the environment.
“We are pleased to have NESC join us as a new client in the water use and management field. Our ongoing work in the industry also includes developing water quality and social marketing programs for additional districts throughout the nation,” Hoffman said.
Hoffman’s agency will provide NESC with creative concepts and production of three 30 second spots using tongue-and-cheek humor while explaining the pitfalls of poor septic tank maintenance. “PSAs will be produced to ultimately help our client share information with smaller market consumers about timely information relevant to drinking water issues,” he said.
NESC’s PSA campaign will help viewers learn about the non-profit as a resource for community and professional technical assistance, training sessions, and educational products through its website, publications and onsite demonstration projects. The non-profit organization is also involved in national security by developing water infrastructure security practices in cooperation with government officials, citizens, water treatment professionals, regulatory officials, assistance organizations and engineers.

The Hoffman Agency

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