Jul 21, 2010

National ‘We’re for Water’ Campaign to End in New Jersey

Cross-country tour wraps up on Aug. 2 after visiting consumers in 16 states to promote wise water usage

The national “We’re for Water” campaign and cross-country tour wraps up in New Jersey on Aug. 2, after visiting consumers in 16 states to promote the importance of wise water use. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program partnered with American Water on the campaign kickoff on July 14 in Los Angeles and its conclusion on Aug. 2, which features two New Jersey families participating in a water conservation competition.

Chatham Township residents Kenneth and Katherine Abbott, and their children, Joanie 16, Sarah, 11, and Meredith, 4, will compete against Chris Johnson, Ann Cavuoti-Johnson and their children Mariana, 18, Courtney, 16, and Carolyn, 12, to see which family can conserve the most water.

WaterSense partner American Water will monitor the two families’ water use over the course of one week as they work to conserve water in their households--using tips they learned from the EPA’s WaterSense website--and compare it to their usage during a previous week this summer. On Aug. 2, the families will compete in various competitions to demonstrate what they learned, and the family that reduced their weekly water usage the most will be revealed.

The families are encouraged to reduce their water consumption through three steps: “check, twist and replace.” The WaterSense website recommends that people:
• Check toilets for silent leaks and replace worn parts if necessary;
• Twist on a faucet aerator to reduce bathroom faucet water to use 30% less water without a noticeable difference in flow; and
• Replace older showerheads with a new WaterSense-labeled model to save water and energy while still showering with power.