Mycelx Names Italy and Singapore Distributors

MYCELX Technologies has named Technicalservice SNC, EBP Engineering and Marico Engineering as distributors of MYCELX products.

MYCELX Technologies is the developer and manufacturer of patented MYCELX technology, which instantly bonds to hydrocarbons to make them hydrophobic and viscoelastic, removing them from the water stream entirely. MYCELX filters are able to remove pollutants such as PCBs, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and pesticides--from water to below detectable limits in a single pass.

Technicalservice SNC, located in Italy, provides industrial products primarily for the chemical, power and water treatment industries.

EBP Engineering, located in Singapore, represents products that meet the needs of clients in the utilities, marine, chemical, oil, gas, power and energy industries.

Marico Engineering, also located in Singapore, specializes in providing repair, routine maintenance and upgrade services to the marine industry.

"MYCELX continues to impact new markets by expanding our global presence with the addition of companies like Technicalservice SNC, EBP Engineering and Marico Engineering," said Mack Devine, MYCELX CEO.

Mycelx Technologies

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