MWH to Hold Coastal Cities Climate Change Workshop in New York

MWH is hosting a Coastal Cities Climate Change Workshop in New York City on July 13 and 14 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The workshop will focus on sustainability issues and the effects of climate change on infrastructure, water supply, wastewater effluent discharge, socioeconomics and policy, and other issues unique to coastal cities and communities.
The workshop will allow participants from coastal cities and regions to exchange information, while also presenting to them the latest information on pertinent political, technical and academic global warming issues as they relate to water supply and wastewater infrastructure.
Leadership from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, King County, Washington and other coastal regions have been invited and are expected to attend this two-day event. They will be given the opportunity to learn more about and discuss new techniques for protecting their cities and residents from the impacts of climate change.
The workshop will feature keynote addresses by policy expert Rafe Pomerance, chairman and founder of the Climate Policy Center, and technical expert Dr. David Rind of the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies. Daniel McConville, MWH president of municipal and state services, will kick off the workshop. Throughout the workshop, experts from the financial, academic and technical arenas will help to identify necessary actions for sustainable climate change adaptation in coastal cities.
“This workshop presents a unique opportunity for different regions to share issues that they have in common and to create a lasting collaborative network,” said Elise DeGeorge, MWH supervising consultant. “We hope to share experiences in order to learn from successful and failed approaches to dealing with the effects of climate change.”
“We’re focused not only on greenhouse gas mitigation, but also on the effects of climate change and the development of programs and techniques focused on adaptation to the effects. In order to influence new policy development and adapt, we need to understand climate change policy, science and available tools. We are looking forward to this workshop providing us the support network and some best management practice tools necessary to undertake this important task,” said Gary Heath, NYCDEP, Bureau of Environmental Planning and Assessment.
Space for the workshop is limited but still available. Interested coastal region representatives are encouraged to call 303.533.1932 to make their reservations.


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