Municipalities Ensure Water Quality and Reduce Costs with Reservoir Management System

Advanced systems provide optimal chlorine control

More than 40 municipalities in the United States and Europe are solving chlorine-related reservoir water quality problems and reducing operational costs with Severn Trent Services' unique ClorTec(TM) Reservoir Management System (RMS).

While chlorine is widely used as an economical disinfectant for municipal water reservoirs, many water system operators struggle to maintain uniform levels of chlorine throughout storage reservoirs and ground tanks. Thermal stratification, stagnation and blending of different water qualities add to the complexity of the process and can impact water quality.

Using real-time water quality samples from inside the reservoir, the self-regulating ClorTec RMS automatically detects and feeds the level of chlorine required to maintain a consistent predetermined residual. The system, consisting of circulators, analyzers and PLC controls is compact and operates independent of reservoir level, input flows or output flows. Unlike conventional mixing systems, the technology offers cost-efficiencies through decreased power consumption, installation and service time. Installation does not require plumbing changes and can even be completed with the reservoir system in operation.

Severn Trent Services

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