RJN Conducts Flow Monitoring, Analysis for Illinois Sanitary District

RJN Group Urbana Champaign Illinois Sanitary District sewer

The Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District in Illinois will now better understand the wet-weather flow conditions in three aging interceptors, as well as, in one relief sewer by identifying what flows are coming from their upstream tributary sewer basins. 

In order to assist the district with this effort, RJN Group Inc. is conducting a 90-day flow monitoring program with flowmeters set-up and installed at four locations to measure, record and analyze flows for the purpose of developing a wet-weather inflow/infiltration (I/I) analysis.

During the metering period, RJN is performing site inspections and routine calibrations. The district is able to view the flow monitoring data online throughout the three months. The I/I analysis will include inflow peaking factors, regression analysis for peaking factor prediction, scattergraphs, hydrographs and capacity analysis.

A dry-weather flow diversion study that RJN completed for the district immediately preceded this project. This project helped the district determine minimum flow rates at specific locations within their system. RJN is also in the process of assisting the district in updating its five permanent flowmeter installations to current flowmeter technology. Throughout both projects, Project Manager Joe Sullivan has “discovered the importance of receiving input from many different people in all the different positions at the district, as they all have their own area of expertise that becomes invaluable to the project’s success.”

The flow monitoring and I/I analysis is scheduled for completion by mid-June 2014.

RJN Group

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