Jun 03, 2019

Remote Monitoring System Adapts to Site Requirements

Remote Monitoring System Adapts to Site Requirements

MetriNet is a unified system for monitoring water quality at remote sites and transmitting the data for web-based storage or directly to a customer site. Flexibility is key to the system. Derived from network metrics, the system enables users to assemble monitoring units that fit individual site requirements. The data is stored in a standard CSV file format for easy manipulation with Microsoft Excel or similar programs.

Individual smart sensors called M-Nodes take the measurements. These devices are a complete sensor and monitor in one miniaturized package. The sensors are available for a variety of water quality parameters, such as free chlorine, total chlorine, turbidity, pH, conductivity and oxidation reduction potential.

Each sensor is inserted in its own flow chamber, and individual chambers clip together to form a flow system of the size required. Simple quick-release collars provide easy assembly and disassembly.

A device that controls the flow of water through the flow assembly at a constant
0.2 liters per minute is integrated into the flow assembly. The flow system normally is operated with an inlet pressure of approximately 50 psi (3.3 bar), but it is rated to 100 psi (6.6 bar). The fixed flow regulator will keep flow constant regardless of inlet pressure.

Since not all remote sites have the same power availability, the MetriNet system allows users to operate in either full-power or low-power modes. The system is economical to purchase, is flexible for individual use, and provides long-term accuracy and reliability for all monitoring.

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