Netherlands Water Company Selects Smart Water Network Modeling Solution

The technology helps the company optimize its water system performance, improve sustainability & ensure the continued delivery of quality drinking water

Netherlands Waternet InfoWorks WS Innovyze

Innovyze announced that Waternet, The Netherlands, has purchased multiple licenses of InfoWorks WS to model, manage and maintain its complex drinking water distribution network. 

Based in Amsterdam, Waternet is one of Europe’s biggest water companies and the first Dutch water company to cover the complete water cycle. It is responsible for drinking water, wastewater, surface water and safety behind dykes. Waternet was officially launched in 2006 after a merger of Amsterdam Water Supply and the Water and Sewerage Department. Its service area covers the city of Amsterdam and a large area in the provinces of Utrecht and North and South Holland. It supplies on average 216,000 cu meters of water daily through a network of 3,000 kilometers of pipes.

“InfoWorks WS software has the ideal combination of modeling power, database sophistication and ease of use to help us effectively support our water distribution network management activities,” said Kees van der Drift, head of policy and planning for Waternet drinking water sector. “These advantages and more will help us optimize our water system performance, improve its sustainability and ensure the continued delivery of quality drinking water our customers have come to expect.”

InfoWorks WS models enable utilities to make informed planning, design and management decisions with confidence by giving them an accurate view of their drinking water distribution systems’ performance. This information—including water quality, supply, demand and infrastructure problems, and investigations of remedial measures—allows them to provide commercial, industrial and domestic users with a sustainable supply of high quality water at the desired level of service while minimizing loss through leakage. A part of the Innovyze advanced workgroup modeling management platform, InfoWorks WS is built to handle very large and complex network models and allow robust multi-user collaboration.

Using an industry standard relational database, InfoWorks WS gives utilities the ability to review and actively manage current and historical model network versions. In addition to providing full details of each modification made to the network geometry and control data, it also provides version IDs, date stamps and modeler details. A “data flags” feature shows the origins of all source data, enhancing the confidence level in the quality of the model. A “compare” function allows the comparison of two model versions or sets of control data and the creation of a detailed report outlining the differences. The data can even be applied to another network or control set to update changes. When new infrastructure is commissioned in a modeled area, this functionality enables users to update existing models rather than rebuild them, resulting in enormous productivity and financial benefits.

InfoWorks WS may be configured as a Workgroup providing access to models stored in a central master database. In addition to the default JET format, it also supports MSDE SQL Server and ORACLE databases. The centralized version control system preserves data integrity and avoids model replication using a model check-in/check-out procedure. Model data deletion and recovery security is ensured through archive and backup of the master model database. Existing OS login privileges can be assigned to control access to certain model groups, allowing for centralized control of multiple users on multiple projects.

“We are delighted to expand our relationship with Waternet and further support its vital mission with our world-class, world-leading smart water network modeling and management solutions,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F. ASCE, president, COO and chief technical officer of Innovyze. “As requirements for water utilities and city authorities become ever more stringent, Innovyze is committed to providing a comprehensive portfolio of powerful solutions that not only meet, but exceed these needs and expectations. We look forward to continuing to work with Waternet and pushing the smart water modeling technology envelope.”


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