Jul 31, 2018

Monitoring System Optimizes Hydraulics

Automatic adjustments help improve uptime

Automatic adjustments help improve uptime

Airvac’s Strategic Monitoring for Advanced Remote Transfer (SMART) system allows operation of a system to be improved. It not only monitors the system, but also makes real-time adjustments to optimize system hydraulics. This proactive approach of controlling the system’s behavior results in strong performance, prevents problems from occurring, and reduces operation and maintenance costs.

The SMART system offers several benefits.

  • Proactive, not reactive: Potential problems are identified and adjustments are made automatically to correct them.
  • More efficient system: System imbalances caused by a variety of factors can be overcome, resulting in a more efficient system and lower power bills.
  • Airvac is connected 24/7: Airvac specialists also can monitor the system in real time, providing another set of eyes to the system operator.
  • Built-in purge cycle: A “purge” cycle can be programmed into the logic controller. This will automatically clear the vacuum mains at predetermined times to ensure that water-logging during critical times will not occur.
  • System updates can be pushed automatically: Airvac can automatically push new programming updates remotely to keep the SMART system current.

How It Works

The system comes with one SMART logic controller with a touch screen operator interface located in the vacuum station and multiple remote-control boxes connected to valve pits located at strategic points within the collection system.

The remote-control boxes use solar-powered radios to communicate with the SMART logic controller at the vacuum station. The logic controller then communicates with the various station controls and will override pump control as necessary to provide optimum system operation.

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SMART system software uses several modes to identify system imbalances and provide recovery options. This may include monitoring various system vacuum levels, monitoring pump operating parameters, monitoring incoming flows, actuating remote vacuum valves and adjusting vacuum levels at the station.

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