Aug 18, 2006

Minnesota’s Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program Fully Approved

NOAA and the U.S. EPA fully approved Minnesota’s Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program under Section 6217 of the Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments of 1990, making it the 17th fully approved program in the U.S.
Congress established the program in 1990 to encourage better coordination between state coastal zone and nonpoint pollution programs in the coastal zone. Coastal states must develop programs, backed by enforceable authorities, to implement a suite of management measures that will control runoff from six categories of sources: forestry, agriculture, urban areas, marinas, hydromodification (shoreline and stream channel modification), and wetlands and riparian areas.
Despite being one of the last five states to participate in the nationwide program, Minnesota developed a fully approved state program more quickly than any other participating state or territory.