Aug 16, 2007

Mexico wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Adriana Alcántara Ruiz, Dalia Graciela Díaz Gómez, and Carlos Hernández Mejía from Mexico were awarded the prestigious 2007 Stockholm Junior Water Prize on Aug. 14, 2007 in a formal ceremony during World Water Week in Stockholm. The students from the Cultural Institute of Paideia in Toluca, Mexico, received the Prize, a $5,000 scholarship and a crystal sculpture.

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is presented each year to high-school age students for outstanindg water-related projects that focus on topics of environmental, scientific, social or technological importance.

The students, according to the Nominating Committee, “developed a novel approach to adsorb lead in industrial wastewater by utilizing eggshells, a locally abundant bio-organic waste material.” By mixing groud-up eggshells in a liquid lead solution, the students successfully removed more than 90% of lead pollutants from liquid waste. The process can be applied in both small-scale industries and large industrial operations.