Nov 07, 2012

Sensorex PH-1 Meter Available for iPhone, iPAD & iPods

Model is ideal for portable data collection

Scientists, engineers, educators, sales and service professionals, and technicians out in the field, in the lab or around the plant will find the new and innovative Model PH-1 meter for the iPHone, iPad®  or iPod available from Sensorex measures pH accurately, presents the data in an easy-to-read format and supports email transmission of critical readings. In environmental testing and monitoring, the PH-1 meter accessory, when used with a GPS-enabled device, features a time/date/location stamp. It will record where and when the measurements were taken. Results can be grouped by location or date, and emailed to a central records office in .csv file format (Microsoft Excel compatible). It features screen rotation capabilities and will operate in landscape or portrait mode. It is also an excellent tool for teaching the chemistry of acids/bases and introductory electrochemistry in a classroom.

The PH-1 meter is designed for use with the Sensorex Model S200C/BNC combination pH electrode or the Sensorex Model S293/30K/BNC/2.5 three-in-one pH/reference/temperature electrode. The pH electrode measures over a 0-14 pH range with accuracy to ±0.01 pH. The voltage measurement range is -1250 to 1250 mV with accuracy to ±1 mV. The solution temperature range is 0-100◦C with accuracy to ±0.1C. Ambient temperature is -40 to 70C with accuracy to ±2C.

The PH-1 meter and pH electrodes are sold separately or as a kit by Sensorex and do not include an iPhone, iPad or iPod. For further information, visit

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