Jun 18, 2014

Badger Meter, Watertech of America Announce Channel Partnership

Milwaukee Water Council members join forces to serve customers in industrial & commercial markets with water management programs

Badger Meter Watertech of America The Water Council

Badger Meter has entered into a channel partner agreement with Watertech of America. Watertech of America is a Greenfield, Wis., based total system management provider with chemical and equipment expertise for the treatment of water and wastewater in industrial and commercial markets. Through the strategic partnership, Watertech will recommend Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation products to its existing customers in energy, food & beverage, healthcare, commercial/institutional and medium industry.

Both companies are members of The Water Council, which includes a network of more than 150 water technology companies working together to succeed in the world water marketplace. Badger Meter is a founding company and Watertech has held membership since the organization’s inception in 2007. 

“This channel partner agreement is significant not only because Watertech of America will be recommending Badger Meter products, but also because it demonstrates the power of Water Council companies working together and supporting one another,” said Richard A. Meeusen, chairman, president and CEO of Badger Meter, and co-chair of The Water Council. “For both of our companies, conservation is the ultimate priority. Badger Meter helps companies and municipalities to conserve water through monitoring and measuring, while Watertech offers innovative water management programs built to maintain more efficient systems that use less water, less chemicals, and ultimately, less energy.”

“We look forward to integrating Badger Meter technologies to better control our customers’ systems through more accurate collection and transmission of water usage data,” said Joseph Russell, president of Watertech of America. “This partnership was a natural fit. Both Watertech and Badger Meter are based in southeastern Wisconsin, are passionate Water Council members and perhaps most importantly, are committed to finding practical solutions that spur business growth while preserving the world’s most precious resource.”

Badger Meter joins Watertech of America’s network of suppliers in water and wastewater, serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and northern Illinois.