Sep 10, 2014

Arizona Town Reduces Leak Adjustments with Smart Water Network

Smart water network helps town detect leaks, conserve water & enhance customer service

Sensus FlexNet iPERL meter Oro Valley Arizona

Oro Valley, Ariz.’s residents are conserving water and saving money through early leak detection and a 57% reduction in leak adjustments after the town began installing a Sensus smart water network. Located north of Tucson, Ariz., the town of Oro Valley is already reaping the benefits of the Sensus FlexNet communication network and the installation of 8,800 iPERL water meters. The town’s meter replacement project began in 2011 and will be completed in 2015 after all of the 19,000 meters have been replaced.

Conservation is a top priority for Oro Valley. To enhance its current conservation efforts, the utility sought a solution that would reduce unaccounted for water by increasing meter accuracy and providing early leak detection. The data provided by the Sensus FlexNet communication network facilitates consumer education during water audits, which are offered to customers at no charge.

“Manual meter readings are not only time consuming but susceptible to error,” said Shirley Seng, water utility administrator for the town of Oro Valley. “Sensus technologies have helped us provide error-free meter readings for our customers resulting in accurate billings, a reduction in paperwork, simplification of billing functions and significantly improved customer service.”

The iPERL residential water meters and FlexNet communication network provide two-way communications that feature a sophisticated suite of alarms to better monitor and control water leaks. “With the Sensus FlexNet system and advanced applications, utilities are able to alert customers at the very onset of a leak,” said Dan Pinney, director of global water marketing for Sensus. “Customers can also monitor their usage through the utility’s customer portal, which helps them keep track of their water use and play an active role in conservation."