Oct 23, 2015

OriginClear Subsidiary Recovers Millions of Gallons for Texas City’s Drinking Water

Previously rejected water can now be a freshwater source for up to a third of Horizon City’s residents

OriginClear Progressive Water Treatment Horizon City Texas reverse osmosis

OriginClear Inc., a provider of water treatment solutions, announced that a system built by its wholly owned subsidiary, Dallas-based Progressive Water Treatment Inc. (PWT), is recovering 700 gal per minute (gpm) of previously rejected water at the existing reverse osmosis (RO) treatment plant in Horizon City, Texas. The recovered water is being blended with raw well water for consumption as city drinking water.

“Horizon City is now able to use this water as a source for drinking water,” said Marc Stevens, PWT’s president. “That’s over a million gallons per day that the city doesn’t have to treat, which could serve up to a third of its population’s needs.”

PWT fabricated and installed dual 350-gpm RO systems to recover reject water from existing, primary RO systems. According to Stevens, the new systems have operated at more than 99% efficiency since their commissioning.

“This is certainly not our largest project to date, but from a technical point of view, it’s one of the most satisfying,” Stevens said. “It challenged our engineering staff who were able to reclaim 700 gpm of water for direct reuse by the city as drinking water.”

Dallas-based PWT is the first company in the newly formed OriginClear Group of water service companies and is a designer, builder and service provider for a range of industrial water treatment applications.

“We are very happy with our recent acquisition of PWT, which is enjoying a steady stream of successful installations in the region,” said Bill Charneski, president of the OriginClear Group. “The company appears well positioned for an outstanding year in 2016.”

“As corporations increasingly outsource their water treatment, companies like PWT are stepping in to serve them,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginClear’s CEO. “We intend to help unify these outsourced water services companies for the benefit of outsourcing customers across North America and eventually, the world.