Mar 14, 2007

Membranes Becoming High Profile

For years now, you have been well aware of membrane filtration systems and the benefits they can bring to your water or wastewater treatment system.
As with any industry, the time frame in which a technology is introduced to a group of professionals to the point that the technology is widely recognized by the public can be long. In the case of membrane technology, this trickle down effect is starting to gain momentum.
The latest issue of Fast Company provides a perfect example in the case of membranes. As part of the publication’s “Fast 50 Companies,” General Electric’s Zenon Membrane Solutions was ranked number 37, due to the global impact of their ZeeWeed membrane treatment systems. According to Jeff Garwood, Water & Process Technologies CEO, the cost of treating water using their membrane technology has dropped 60% in the last 10 years, and is expected to drop an additional 25% over the next two years.
Of course, this downward trend in the cost of membranes can only behoove the water and wastewater industry and the end users of the treated water. Ultimately, the price decreases will result in even more new membrane treatment systems being installed and even more water and wastewater plant retrofits.
While WWD’s Membrane Technology has been preaching the benefits of membrane installations for a couple of years now, eventually you will be faced with the prospect of specifying or retrofitting membranes into your plant.
If you already have membranes installed, there is no better time to begin planning for the future by initiating your retrofit plans. On the other hand, if you haven’t installed membranes yet, discussions to implement this technology must begin within your facility immediately. The aging treatment technology you currently use is only going to become more susceptible to the ever-increasing water and wastewater standards and regulations being enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency.
As such, Membrane Technology is published to help influence your membrane treatment decisions in order to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment.
In this issue of Membrane Technology, three in-depth case studies examine current membrane treatment applications; two Q&A interviews examine current issues in detail, another article examines current technical issues; and a product section features new membrane services and technologies.

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