Oct 09, 2015

Ovivo Signs Agreement With Microdyn-Nadir

Companies will combine technologies to service MBR market

Ovivo Signs Agreement With Microdyn-Nadir

Ovivo Inc. has signed a multi-year agreement with Microdyn-Nadir to service the membrane bioreactor (MBR) market. The agreement secures access to BIO-CEL membrane technology and includes a collaborative venture to build private-label membrane equipment (OVTM). Combining Ovivo system integration expertise with the Microdyn membrane manufacturing knowledge is expected to drive innovation, increase quality, reduce costs and improve delivery times.

The Ovivo/Microdyn partnership will offer BulletProof OVTM membrane units equipped with BIO-CEL technology and integrated into Ovivo MBR systems.

As part of the new partnership, Microdyn has agreed to build a second production line for BIO-CEL membranes. The new line will most likely be located in Austin, Texas, in cooperation with Ovivo U.S. operations, with production set to begin in January 2017.

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Microdyn and to collaborate closely with them in providing highly-effective MBR systems to our clients,” said Marc Barbeau, president and chief executive officer at Ovivo. “Their new production line near our U.S. operations should provide us with more innovation flexibility and agility for our MBR solutions, in a constantly evolving environment.”

Ovivo will benefit from the new line, and so will its partner.

“Local market presence is key to being a meaningful player in North America”, said Walter Lamparter, chief executive officer at Microdyn. “With our second BIO-CEL line, we will be able to minimize freight costs and realize shorter delivery times. Together with our local U.S. partner Ovivo, we offer decades of experience in MBR technology.”

What makes BIO-CEL different than the flat-plate system previously used by Ovivo is its design. Microdyn flat sheets take 60% less raw material to make than plates, and production is fully automated. From an operational standpoint, the flexible sheets are also less susceptible to damaging debris, and clogging that can occur with plates.

“Out of the seven different membrane technologies we’ve introduced to the U.S. market, the trajectory of acceptance is incredibly steep for the OVTM using BIO-CEL,” said Dennis Livingston, Ovivo MBR director. “In less than 24 months, we already have 14 plants under construction or in operation using the OVTM and have been preselected for three large projects with rated capacities of approximately 16,000 cu m/day, 20,000 cu m/day and 40,000 cu m/day, respectively.”