Nov 16, 2015

Mann+Hummel Ultra Flo Becomes Microdyn-Nadir Singapore

The name change was effective Oct. 12

Mann+Hummel Ultra Flo was renamed Microdyn-Nadir Singapore, effective Oct. 12, 2015 as a next step to make the joint appearance in the market complete.

Ever since Microdyn-Nadir, a membrane and module manufacturer from Wiesbaden, Germany, became a 100% subsidiary of the filtration specialist Mann+Hummel, Microdyn-Nadir’s Wiesbaden location has been the new headquarter of Mann+Hummel's Business Unit Water.

In February 2015 Mann+Hummel Group increased its stake in Microdyn-Nadir GmbH from 50% to 100%. Mann+Hummel had already acquired 50% of the shares in Microdyn-Nadir in May 2014.

Since the acquisition, both companies have been pursuing the development and implementation of their strategy in order to achieve their main goal: to grow their water business and establish Mann+Hummel as a player in the water filtration business.

After aligning the external appearance of Mann+Hummel Ultra Flo Pte. Ltd. and Microdyn-Nadir Group by means of using Microdyn-Nadir’s corporate design, a joint website was launched. Mann+Hummel’s membrane activities have been marketed under Microdyn-Nadir’s company brand since August 2014 and Mann+Hummel’s hollow fiber modules for water filtration were added to Microdyn-Nadir’s product portfolio and have been marketed and distributed under the product brand Aquadyn, which is a registered trademark of Microdyn-Nadir in Europe.

Microdyn-Nadir now has production sites in Wiesbaden, Xiamen (China), Singapore and sale offices in Raleigh, N.C., and Jundiaí (Brazil).